Raed Ouerfelli

Software Engineer, Cloud engineer, DevOps Engineer, Web Developer.

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2 Years Experience

I am a top rated plus software engineer on Upwork. I am a highly motivated and dedicated engineer with strong communication and interpersonal skills. As a student, I have been extensively involved in my school community, which has allowed me to develop strong interpersonal skills, now I am always looking for new challenges to expand my knowledge and improve my skills

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What I do

Awesome Quality Services

DevOps Engineering

My responsibility is to turn your ideas into reality by creating a suitable environment for your team to automate all the boring repetitive tasks.

Web Development

An experienced fullstack developer mainly comfortable with doing projects using ReactJS NodeJs and mongoDB (MERN STACK). And I have an experience with mobile applications using react-native and firebase.

Apps Design

Creating applications architecture from scratch and preparing systems architecture.

Apps Development

My Resume

Working Experience

10-2022 - present

Fullstack engineer

DevApps4Biz, Freelance

I work mainly as a ReactJs developer, I work on different projects with different teams to help devlivering projects.

(NodeJs, ReactJs, Redux, React-Query, Fluentui, etc.)

08-2022 - present

Backend engineer

Vouchecom limited, Freelance

Working as a backend engineer to help develop and maintain lambda functions on AWS. I also work on different services on AWS.

(NodeJs, AWS, NoSql database, SQL databases)

04-2022 - 09-2022

Fullstack engineering intern

Milliman, Paris-France (on site)

Milliman is a leading independent global actuarial consulting firm. With Milliman I worked as an intern to work on creating a dashboard for customer support service to manage and create tickets.

(NodeJs, ReactJs, Docker, Azure, MeteorJs)

09-2020 - 09-2021

Fullstack engineer

Ylemer, Brisbane Australia (Remote)

Engineering team member and fullstack engineer mainly working on creating the company's platform and maintaining it using the MERN stack (mongodb, express.js, ReactJs, NodeJs) and the company infrastucture on AWS.

07-2020 - 09-2020

Sys-Admin Devops intern

Infraplus, Ben Arous Tunisia

As an intern, I was working on a 2 parts project. The first part consists on creating a logging system using EFK stack (Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana) to collect logs from several applications, docker swarm etc.. and store them in elasticsearch to finally visualize them using kibana. The second part consists on monitoring swarm containers using Graphana and Promethus.

06-2020 - Present



As a rising talent on upwork, I worked on several projects with different clients from all over the world. I worked on Devops projects where I have created pipelines for web applications to automate build and deployement. And I have worked on mobile applications and web applications using Reactjs and React native.
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07-2020 - 09-2020

DevOps intern

Ylemer, Brisbane Australia (Remote)

A DevOps engineering intern mainly responsible on creating the necessary pipelines for the platform to automatically build, test and deploy to the AWS EC2 instances. The used tool is CircleCi.

06-2019 - 04-2020

Web developement instructor

GoMyCode (Tunisian Edtech)

I have started working as an intern to teach web developement basics in a summer school for 3 months. Later on I was recruited as a part time instuctor working on the weekends. I was mainly teaching the basics of computer science and web development (Algorithms, how web works, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, CLI interfaces, Firebase, developement frameworks...)

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